Kalarippayattu is as ancient as
the land of Kerala which is believed
to be retrieved from the Arabian Sea
by Lord Parasurama.
It is a unique system of
Martial Art of Self defence and
Physical culture

Even today Kalarippayattu practised in traditional style inside kalari under the guidance of Gurukkal or Master. This classical martial art form has a specific syllabus and scientific form of training system. This training system will improve the flexibility, stamina, speed, control of body balance, perfect muscular, coordination and the ability to seat instinctively to the sense.
The Traditional Kalari marma Chikilsa

[The Kalari Massage treatment is based on ayurveda]

The uzhichil or massage treatment is an integral part of kalari chikilsa. The person with a thorough knowledge of human body can carry out the uzhichil. Specially prepared medicated oil are used for uzhichil.

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