Dhanwanthari Ayurveda Kendra
Major treatment programs

Purification Treatment Program(Sodhana Chikitsa):

This Program helps purify the internal system of the Body by eliminating the unwanted metabolic wastes through `Panchakarma` Treatments and attain the proper balance of `Vata, Pitta and Kapha`. This program includes Abhyanga (Massage), Snehapanam (Intake of medicated Ghee), Swedanam (Herbal Steam Bath), Vamanam(Emesis), Virechanam (Purgation), Nays (Nasal administration of Medicines), Vasthi (Cleaning of internal system), Rakthmoksham (Purification of Blood), Tharpanam (Cleaning of eyes), Karnaporanama (cleaning of Ear) and internal medication.


Ekanga Pizhichil
(Ekanga pizhichil)

2. Monsoon Rejuvenation Treatment program
(Rasayana Chikitsa
This is a special Treatment of Administration after purification therapies. According to the ancient Sanskrit scriptures Monsoon is a time for rejuvenation. In Kerala, from June to September, the monsoon season provides the most ideal condition for the rejuvenation treatment, with fresh air neither too cold nor too hot. The rainy season has always been a time of strength and re-growth, when the body and the mind heal best. In India every monsoon dozens of Sacred elephants are given time off from hectic temple and festival activities for a visit to a clinic, for their monsoon rejuvenation cure. The entire course of Treatment purifies not only the physiological system but also the mind by the practice of meditation and reduces the mental stress of the individual. Internal medication like Rasayanas (Rejuvenate herbal Tonics) also will be given during the treatment. This has been a time tested procedure for Rejuvenation and longevity. This program consists of Abhyanga Pizhichil, Dhara, Nasyam, Vamanam, Vasthi, Tharpanam, Kizhi Karnapooranam etc.

3. Aphrodisiac Treatment Program(Vajeekarana Chikitsa):

This particular treatment program alleviates the sexual debility and helps cleansing and toning up of the structure and functions of the Body. This program includes Virechanam, Internal medication, Abhyanga, Vajeekarana vasthi, Swedhanam, Nasyam, Pichu, Talapotichil, Dhara, Pizhichil, Sirovasthi, Tharpanam, Karnapooranam,etc.

(A massage form)

4.Immunization Treatment Program (Kayakalpa Chikitsa):


This is a prime treatment in Ayurveda for reducing the aging process, arresting the degenerative process of internal system and tones up the defense mechanism of Body and helps resist the development of diseases. Giving rasayana internally is the main part of this programme, based on the panchakarma and swedana treatment.
This treatment is very much effective if taken before the age of 70 for either sex. this program includes Vamana, Pizhichil, Dhara, Navarakizhi, Nasyam, Vasthi, Internal medication, Tharpanam, Karnapoorana etc.

5.Ayurveda Rheumatic Clinic:

This is a specialized clinic for rheumatic disorders. We have special treatment method and medicines for rheumatism, copied from the ancient manuscripts with us and successfully cured may causes. The root cause for rheumatism is poor blood circulation and the concentration of waste materials near the joints. Ayurveda provides effective treatments to improve blood circulation,clean the waste materials and keep the spine healthy.

A German Doctor, Dr. Hoffer Peter (MD) arrived in a stretcher with a rare debilitating nerve disease and left the clinic walking after 30 days Ayurveda treatments. During his third and last treatment this year, he made a 35 minute video for his insurance company and said  "If they are willing to pay for expensive western treatment, which failed in my case ...they should be delighted to pay for this less expensive treatment which saved my life".

T a r i f f  (in US$)

R e g i s t r a t i o n  - US$ 99 1 Day $ 70
3 Days $ 199 7 Days $ 399 11 Days $ 549
14 Days $ 699 21 Days $ 899 28 Days $ 999

InteriorThe Tariff is inclusive of boarding, dining,treatment, medicine and service charges.The course of treatment varies between 3, 7, 11, 14, 21 & 28 days, according to the severity of the diseases and response of the patient. Each treatment is to be carried out, depending up on the body constitution and condition of the person ,with much care and caution.

Special features

Discourses and demonstration programs on Ayurveda,Yoga, Natya(Indian dance forms) Vastuvidhya (Indian Architecture), Jyotisha (Indian Astrology), Kalaripayattu (Indian Marital Arts) and regular practice of meditation are conducted. Sight seeing tours, Beach trip (nearest beach is 14 Km from the center) and backwater cruise will be arranged on request. Diet will be exclusive vegetarian Ayurveda cuisine and served strictly as per physician’s advice.


The center is situated in a lush green Village spread over 40 acres close to forest area.

... so calm, quiet, away from pollution.
... far from the madding crowd.
... where birds still sing.

The nearest airport is 48 Km and Railway station is 20 Km away from the center.`To and Fro` Air Port transfer will be arranged on pre-request.

Location Map of Dhanwanthari Ayurveda Kendra


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