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In our state, we find that there is both a shortage of manpower and severe unemployment existing at the same time, which is a paradoxical situation. This is an example of poor information management. Our mission is to facilitate proper information flow with a right blend of technology and networking of people.

We at are coming out with an excellent Franchisee model which proposes to establish a network of entrepreneurs who will jointly promote the services of the Company, simultaneously building their own IT service kiosks that would offer them a sound earning opportunity. Franchisee Program – Concept & Business Model

The concept is to establish a chain of information kiosks for collection and dissemination of information with respect to different kinds of  needs such as  buying and selling of properties, employee and employment requirements, finding a groom or a bride, buying and selling of automobiles, household items etc.

It is proposed to establish a franchisee network of more than 70 centers all over Kerala, in major towns, which will function as an information kiosk as well as facilitation center to provide the above mentioned services. We are planning to establish an information network with the help of information technology throughout the entire world.

We have adopted the franchisee model to establish this network with objectives of resource and revenue sharing, collective efficiency and mitigation of risk. The one time project cost will be more than Rs.1,78,000/- and rate of return is really  exiting as per the industry standards.

The franchisees will be collecting information pertaining to various needs such as real estate, jobs, marriage, house-hold items, automobile, business opportunities; online advertisement etc and the same will be posted in appropriate websites through the computer available with each franchisee.

Our database will be dynamic and also be updated on a real time basis. The franchisee can offer better solutions through latest data. In this way, the network can function efficiently and we can proudly say we are the most superior company which provides online information and services through the power of networking, strength of information technology and professional, personalized services by the franchisee

Franchisee Requirements

Franchisees will be appointed in all major towns across Kerala. Selection of franchisees will be as per the Policies of the Company.

The main criteria behind the appointment of Franchisees would be Investment capacity, Commitment to the business, Ability to deliver the Plan and the Social Capital of the applicant.


The minimum space requirement for the franchisees would be 180 sq.ft. It should be in an accessible location and should be convenient for a service-oriented business.

All franchisees will be furnished with a common infrastructure with a consistent design and colour pattern. Computers, Printers, Scanners etc could be purchased by the franchisee with the minimum configuration as directed by the Company. Display board design will be supplied to the franchisees to ensure consistency in design and colours. Directions and specifications will be given for interior decoration.

Being a service industry, the returns on investment and pay back period with respect to this business look very exciting and much superior to the industry standards.

Service/Support from the Company

The Parent Company ( will be offering different services for the franchisees apart from maintenance of the websites and common database. The Company will be coordinating the entire operations of the network. The value-adding services to be offered by the Company are given below:

Training to Staff and Franchisees
To ensure uniform experience to all customers at all franchisee centers, it is proposed to extend a series of training programmes on topics like Customer relationships, Sales & marketing, Organization culture etc. Through these programmes, it is intended to cultivate a conductive atmosphere and climate across all the franchisee centers for their smooth and efficient functioning. Renowned faculty members on each topic will be made available for the training programmes. A yearly training calendar on the event schedules will be prepared and circulated among all the franchisees.

Marketing Support

To support the individual marketing efforts of each franchisee, the company will deploy a marketing team. The training & service of this team can be availed by the franchisee to make their marketing efforts more effective and fruitful. The marketing team will consist of professionals with relevant education and experience.

Common Advertisements/Collective Promotion

This is one of key activities proposed for the benefit of the entire network. The company will design common advertisements & campaigns through appropriate media such as TV & newspaper advertisements, hoardings, corrugated sheets, banners, leaflets, notices etc. The focus of these advertisements would be business promotion and brand building of the Company.

Preparation of Project Reports for Loan Requirement

The company will assist the franchisees in the preparation of project reports for financial assistance from banks. Our officers will support the franchisees in a professional manner.

Other Business Opportunities

Marketing of unique products & concepts

This is a world of opportunities and there is a huge potential for business through such a type of network. The network could be effectively used for marketing of different unique products and concepts across the state. The Company will be identifying such business opportunities from time to time and will pass on the same to the members of the network.

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