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An Online Collection of Scientifically Stimulating Articles
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bull.gif (488 bytes) Science Fiction
  By Mohan Sanjeevan
bull.gif (488 bytes) A Collection of Scientific
Inventions & Discoveries
  By Hari Kochat
bull.gif (488 bytes) Cool Science for Children
By Hari Kochat
bull.gif (488 bytes) Classic Chemistry as a
Catalyst to Human Life
By Hari Kochat
bull.gif (488 bytes) Creative Science Projects for Youngsters at Home
Part 1 Part 2  Part 3 Part 4


(Composed By Harry Kochat)
bull.gif (488 bytes) What is Cancer ?


bull.gif (488 bytes) http://www.holisticonline.com/ - The most interactive, objective website for Major Health Disorders

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bull.gif (488 bytes) Articles from Chidren
Life in Space
- Anna Aryankalayil
- Anna Aryankalayil
bull.gif (488 bytes)      COMPUTER WORLD

bull.gif (488 bytes)The objective of "Science Corner" is multifold. This unique site is created for the purpose of promoting awareness of and improvements to the relationship between  science, technology and our natural and social environments. This task is primarily inspired by the ideas and visions to offer a brilliant outlook to this fascinating web-site hosted by Ind-US Internet Technology. 

bull.gif (488 bytes)The prescriptions for creating healthier societies from the beginning of mankind suggested that one who imagined then, inspired radical changes from what is now crystallized out today’s realities. These changes, however, are not just ideologically driven. They are directed toward the formation of a social body able to incorporate differing views in a synergistic manner so they can all function in a way that promotes the well being of the whole society. Creation of such a unique corner is envisioned to bring out the treasures of hidden secrets and unending educational resources though this site.

bull.gif (488 bytes)JOIN THE SCIENCE TEAM - We welcome adventurous, creative and scientifically stimulating articles that could act as powerful building blocks of "Science Corner" for all ages and various layers of generations.

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