The Dam

Kulamavu is best known for being one of the three dams of the Idukki Reservoir Project. This dam is located towards the western side of the Idukki Arch Dam (Asia’s highest arch dam). The dam extends between rocky hills to form the 33 square kilometer reservoirs. This dam is one of the major power projects that operate on the Periyar River, the largest in Kerala. Funded by the government of Canada, the dam is supported by the waters of Cheruthoni and Idukki dams.
The water from the dam is directed through a power tunnel which runs on two underground pressure shafts. From here this water is directed to the underground power station located in the Muvattupuzha Valley. Having the capacity of generating around 780 Mega Watt of power per day, the power house generates this comprising six units of 130 Mega Watt each. The potential head on which the project operates is set at about 2,500 feet above sea level.

The dam boasts of an artificial lake and this lake offers the boating facility. During the boating, the visitors can come across different species of birds like Darter, Snake Bird and Kingfisher. Trekking at the nearby mountains is also an activity offered.