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Shola Shack - Wayanad - Kerala

Wayanad district located in the North East of Kerala, India, is a land of mountains, forests,
valleys and plains. Derived from two words Vayal (Paddy) and Naad (Land), Wayanad is in total
the ‘Land Of Paddy Fields’
Spend your holidays or weekends in a healthy way with a walk in the evergreen woods of
Wayanad. Just sit back and soak in the wilderness and the show of nature.

  • 24/7 Customer Service
  • Adventure trips
  • Bedroom
Rooms and Details
  • Tent -For the adventurous side in you
  • Mud House -A Mud House secluded from the main building
  • Kaveri -See views of a brook as well as a patch of Shola Forest


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