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Mount Xanadu - The Exotic Mountain Glamp - Wayanad - Kerala

Class: Five Star Deluxe

Immerse yourself in the ultimate luxury experience amidst the natural beauty of Mount Xanadu, where glamping reaches new heights in Wayanad. Situated within the verdant scenery of Kerala, this luxurious resort sets a new standard for extravagance with its opulent tents featuring deluxe amenities. Each Dome offers breathtaking views of the nearby mountains, creating a truly surreal setting for your escape.

At Mount Xanadu Resort Wayanad, guests can enjoy a distinctive glamping experience in Wayanad, where modern comforts are combined with a hint of playfulness. The geodesic domes nestled under the vast sky provide an intimate and cosy retreat, allowing visitors to uniquely connect with nature. The transparent walls and ceiling seamlessly blend the indoor and outdoor spaces, providing the opportunity to admire the stars from your bed or lounge area. When the sun is out, the transparent structure allows warm sunlight to filter in, creating a cosy and welcoming indoor atmosphere.

The interior of the opulent dome in Wayanad is meticulously planned to balance practicality and beauty. Every piece of furniture is chosen with precision to make the most of the space and ensure comfort, resulting in a welcoming sanctuary for guests to relax and recharge. Experience the perfect combination of sophistication and excitement at every turn. Mount Xanadu Resort Wayanad provides unique opportunities for exploring nature, indulging in spa experiences, and receiving personalized attention, resulting in a harmonious fusion of luxury and the great outdoors. Visit this sanctuary where the luxury camping experience merges with the captivating charm of Wayanad.

  • Swimming pool
  • Ayurveda and Wellness Spa
  • Gymnasium
  • Indoor sports
  • Out Door Games
  • Camp Fire
  • Adventure Sports
Rooms and Details
  • Luxury Villa Glamp (1 Nos)


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