Life in Space
Prepred by Anna Aryankalayil

N.A.S.A is the United States space agency. The space shuttle Challenger which carried the U.S astronaut Sally Ride and her crew members exploded one minute after lift off. The parts of a space shuttle are the pilot seat, commander seat, flight deck, mid-deck, ladder, inter deck access, robot arm controls, experiment and satellite control station, airlock, airlock hatch, personal hygiene area, side hatch, sleeping bags, stowage areas, food pantry, fire extinguisher, footloop, window, space shuttle controls, exercise treadmill, and, computer terminals and keyboards.

The weather satellites circle the earth more than twenty two thousand miles high. A space shuttle takes only one second to travel five miles and takes only ninety minutes to circle the earth once. Sunrises and sunsets are spectacular from orbit. When astronauts are in a space shuttle they can watch sixteen sunrises and sixteen sunsets in twenty four hours. The best being in space is being weightless. But some things don't change. An Astronaut's heart beats are about the same rate as it does on the earth and they can smell, hear, see, and taste. Astronauts are also about an inch taller while they are in orbit because in weightlessness their spines are not compressed. Unfortunately they shrink back to their normal height when they return to the earth. In weightlessness the slightest touch can start an astronaut's body floating across the room. The only way to stop moving is to take hold of something that's anchored in place.

Astronauts are sent to into space to launch new satellites into orbit, to return orbiting satellites, to fix broken satellites and to perform different types of scientific experiments. The space shuttle carries satellites into orbit in it's cargo bay. For a spacewalk astronauts put on their space suit, helmets, and awkward gloves. Atlast space walkers float back into the airlocks. When a space shuttle land it land in a runway like an airplane.

After all I knew that it is fun to be in space and I want to become an astronaut when I grow up.

Reference: -Title of the book: -To Space and Back
Author: - Susan Okie

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