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Mountain Shadows Resort - Wayanad - Kerala

Mountain Shadows Resort Wayanad, Kerala, India

"The Promised Paradise on a Secluded Realm”

        Exceptionally blessed by nature, Mountain Shadows is a beautiful piece of heaven. It is perched atop a lush hill that is sandwiched between the gorgeous Western Ghats trees and a lake with a deep blue breadth. Your ideal spiritual home is right here. 

        The resort's understated grandeur and eco-friendly design complement the lovely surroundings. The Banasura Sagar earth dam, which Mountain Shadows overlooks, is another source of inspiration for the finest practises that are adhered to faithfully there.

         They have Luxury Lake View Villa, Luxury Jacuzzi Villa, and Romantic Private Pool Villa. The luxurious 600 square foot Luxury Lake View Villa has a large balcony and an attached bathroom. The most alluring aspect of this place, in addition to the lavish amenities, is the breathtaking view of the lake and the forest. You will have the most private time here, even if you decide to open the curtains despite the time. The jacuzzi villas have an attached bathroom with the most up-to-date amenities and a little more space—900 square feet. You can enjoy the breathtaking view of the still water outside and the lush forest from the jacuzzi, the glass-covered window, or the wonderful balcony. From your cottage, you may quietly enjoy the dancing beauty of nature as it emerges in the morning. With its most cutting-edge amenities and opulent atmosphere, the ultimate grandeur of a luxury romantic pool villa will make you forget the passing of time. As the name suggests, it offers a private pool where visitors can spend their loveliest moments. The area is perfect for destination weddings because of its tranquil serenity. They can create unique packages for business gatherings and inductions with a specific theme.

  • Yoga
  • Indoor Games
  • Library
  • Free Parking
  • Free Wi-Fi
Rooms and Details
  • Luxury Lake View Room


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