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Palmtree Leaf - Munnar - Kerala

Palmtree Leaf, Munnar, Kerala, India

 The Palmtree Leaf Munnar is one of Kerala’s most popular boutique resort hotels. It is located in Munnar, 17 km from Munnar Tea Museum, Palmtree Leaf, Munnar provides accommodation with a restaurant, free private parking, a garden and a terrace. Rolling hills, verdant plantations, and crystal-clear waterfalls surround it, providing you and your loved ones with an unrivalled vacation experience. In this tranquil retreat, you can relax and unwind. Start your day by admiring the stunning Chokramudi Hills and the neighbouring Kannan Devan Plantations. Each room at this resort offers a view of the lovely valet, and from the balcony you can see the gap road close to Pooppara and Chitrapuram close to Pallivasal. The rooms are modern built with nine air-conditioned rooms, kitchenettes, refrigerators etc. They provide access to a restaurant where you may eat delectable dishes and a full continental breakfast. The addition of a modern kitchen, dining area, lounge, and other amenities has made Palmtree Leaf Resorts the premier luxury hotel in Munnar. The resort is located at a height equivalent to Pallivasal/Pothanmedu.

                          A luxury home away from home with all the comforts and conveniences you could want. You can enjoy this breathtaking view while gazing onto the gardens and plantations around that are decorated with Mother Nature’s splendour. This is unquestionably a apiece of heaven in God’s own Country.   

  • Free Wi-Fi - 24 hours
  • Health and Wellness - First aid services and Activity centre

  • Restaurant
  • Barbecue
Rooms and Details
  • Mountain View Room
  • Royal Mountain View Room


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