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Wayanad , Kerala, India

Wayanad is one of the most beautiful destinations in Kerala. The greenish hilltops, beautiful valleys, moist atmosphere, cool air around etc makes Wayanad the topmost destination which is always wanted by the tourists. If you want to enjoy the pristine beauty of Kerala, wrapped with the lush green forest, come to Wayanad to enjoy the wild around..

Wayanad is an ideal destination for you to have an adventurous trip. The mysterious mountains, the hidden forest, the beautiful waterfalls and streams always attracts you to have some adventure here. Come and explore the hidden history with the ancient caves here and get ready for the excitement awaiting you here. The journey to Wayanad itself is mind boggling. There is no train service to Wayanad. You will have to get down at Kozhikode railway station, which is 62 km away and hire public/ private buses or a taxi. You will have to travel through the hair pins to reach the top.

On both sides, you can see the green forest and mountains covered with mist. If you are lucky enough, you may meet wild animals like elephants, monkeys, wild buffaloes etc. If you are hiring a taxi or any other private vehicle, you can stop for sometime to enjoy the beauty of the mountains covered with mist and can take some interesting snaps

Wayanad, kerala

Being at Wayanad, you have endless options to get relaxed and have a memorable journey. If you love trekking, visit Chembra Peak, the Wayanad wildlife sanctuary, Pakshipathalam. At Chembra peak along with enjoying the nature around, you can also explore the adventure in you. The Wayanad wildlife sanctuary is a heaven for those who love the tranquility of nature.

The waterfall in Wayand is another opportunity for you to come close to the nature. You can visit Meenmutty falls, Soochipara falls, Kanthanpara falls, Chethalayam falls etc. Enjoy the breathtaking view of the water cascading from the top, experience the sprinkling of water upon you and enjoy the mesmerizing beauty of nature around.

The other important places to visit in Wayanad are Edakkal caves, Kuruva Island, Lakkidi, Pookot Lake, Banasura Sagar dam etc. A trip to Edakkal caves will take you back to the history of ancient man. You can sight the pictures carved on the walls of the caves (actually a cleft), of human figures, the weapons used by them and also animal figures too. Kuruva Island also depicts the untouched beauty of Wayand. Get away from the hustles and bustles of your life at this island.

Try to make a visit to Wayanad during the monsoon season. The monsoon at Wayand is very special and it will make your trip more thrilling. The moist filled atmosphere, the water droplets in the trees will no doubt lure you. The tourism department is also or

ganizing various activities to promote monsoon tourism in Wayand. The Wayanad Splash organized every year is one among the various activities.

Highlights: Lush Green Forests, Rich Flora and Fauna, Mist Covered Hilltops, Beautiful Valleys, Breathtaking Waterfalls, Attractive Streams and Rivers, Cool Climate and Pristine Nature

Tourists Spots: Edakkal Caves, Kuruva Island, Banasura Sagar Dam, Pookot Lake, Chembra Peak, Lakkidi, Pakshipathalam, Waterfalls etc.

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